MDPE and HDPE Pipe & fittings for - Water mains, Gas mains, Electric ducts, Sprinkler mains, Heating mains, Fuel lines

Experts in the supply of multi-utility water, gas and electric pipe & fittings systems including valves, meter boxes, consumables, workwear, PPE, tools and accessories

Our Products


Blue water pipe MDPE/HDPE

Yellow gas pipe MDPE/HDPE

Black sprinkler/hydrant HDPE

Barrier pipe contaminated land

Ductile iron pipe

Rainwater harvesting pipe

District heating pipe plastic/steel

Pipe coils

Pipe straights


Electro-fusion fittings

Butt fusion fittings

Compression fittings

Mechanical fittings

Push-fit fittings

Spigoted fittings

Mitred bends

Pupped fittings

Bespoke fittings


Water gate valves

Gas gate valves

Non-return valves

Ball valves

Check vales single/double

Stop cocks

PRV pressure reducing valves

Back flow prevention vavles

Fire hydrants BS and American

Everything else

Underground marker tape

Meter box's - water gas electric

Gas meter box components

Electrical cable duct and fittings

Consumables - tapes + more

Workwear and PPE

Hand and electrical tools

Equipment inc electo-fusion box

+ lots more ....

Pipes, fittings, meter box’s, valves, Consumables, Workwear, PPE, Tools, Equipment, Marker Tape, BS1710:2014, Drinking water, Domestic hot water, Domestic cold water, LTHW, Low temperature hot water, Chilled water, Process water, Sprinkler main, Hydrant main, tank infill main, Borehole water, RWH, Polyethylene pipe, Blue HPPE pipe, Blue MDPE pipe, Yellow HPPE pipe, Yellow MDPE pipe, Black HPPE pipe, Black MDPE pipe, Water mains, Gas mains, Fire hydrant mains, Fire sprinkler mains, Rainwater harvesting pipework, Undergrounds mains, Pre-insulated district heating pipework, Protecta-line Barrier pipe, Puraton Barrier pipe, Ductile iron pipe, Cast Iron pipe, Electric ducting, Electric duct fittings, Electro-fusion fittings, butt weld fittings, Pupped fittings, Pupped tees, Pupped elbows, Pupped bends, Pupped reducers, Mechanical fittings, Compression fittings, Push-fit fittings, Spigot fittings, Reinogrip fittings, Equal tees, Reduced branch tees, Reducers, Concentric reducers, Eccentric reducers, Elbows 90 deg, Elbows 45 deg, Pulled bends, Long radius bends, Stub flanges, Stub flange kits, Flanged tees, Flanged elbows, End caps, Top loading tees, Branch saddles, Top loading branch saddles, Repair saddles, Repair clamps, Under clamped branch saddles, Under clamped spigot saddles, Slim flange assemblies, Duck foot bends, Duck foot elbows, Spools, Male threaded adapters, Female threaded adapters, Backing rings, EPDM gaskets, Steel core gaskets, Nitrile gaskets, Water gate valves, Gas gate valves, Non-return valves, back flow prevention valves, Double check valves, Single check valves, PRV, Pressure reducing valves, Ball valves, Stop cocks, Fire hydrant BS, Fire hydrant Mitred bends, Mitred elbows, American, PTFE tape, Denso tape, Aluminium tape, Hi-Viz clothing, Boots, Hard hats, Goggles, Safety glass’s, Ear defenders, Dust masks, Gloves, Squeeze off tools, Electro-fusion welding box’s, Electro-fusion peeling tools, Hydraulic test pumps, Pipe cutting tools, Generators, Extension leads, Tents, Purging kits, Gas testing, Pressure gauges, Test hoses, Test fittings, Hammers, Saws, Pliers, Spanners, Tape measures, Spades, Buckets, Brushes, Pad-locks, Extension leads, Task lighting, Pipe rollers

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